Narrative Medicine Book Club: June 5, 2020

Dear NM Book Club members: This week, in solidarity with the ongoing protests around the country, we have decided to take a pause on our reading of The Magic Mountain in order to give space and time to those voices. We will resume next week (and will send next assignment then), and our zoom meeting previously scheduled for this Sunday at noon will be moved to next Sunday (June 14th) at 11 AM (if you already registered, the event has been updated and therefore there’s nothing you need to do, and for anyone not registered yet, the link can be found as always at In the meantime, we urge you to engage with and support the fight for racial justice in whatever way makes the most sense for you: donate, protest, call your elected officials, and, of course, read and talk with others. Here is an anti-racist reading list from Ibram X. Kendi, author of How to be an Anti-Racist, as well as a list of black-owned bookstores to support:

Anti-Racist Reading List from Ibram X. Kendi:

Black-owned bookstores: