Live Virtual Group Session: 12PM EDT July 29th 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this session!

For this session we read a poem How to Be a Poet by Wendell Berry, posted below. 

Our prompt was: What comes from the silence…

More details will be posted on this session, so check back again!

Participants are warmly encouraged to share what you wrote below (“Leave a Reply”), to keep the conversation going here, bearing in mind that the blog of course is a public space where confidentiality is not assured.

Also, we would love to learn more about your experience of these sessions, so if you’re able, please take the time to fill out a follow-up survey of one to two quick questions!

Please join us for our next session Friday August 5th at 12pm EDT, with more times listed on our Live Virtual Group Sessions

How to Be a Poet by Wendell Berry

(to remind myself)

Make a place to sit down.   
Sit down. Be quiet.   
You must depend upon   
affection, reading, knowledge,   
skill—more of each   
than you have—inspiration,   
work, growing older, patience,   
for patience joins time   
to eternity. Any readers   
who like your poems,   
doubt their judgment.   


Breathe with unconditional breath   
the unconditioned air.   
Shun electric wire.   
Communicate slowly. Live   
a three-dimensioned life;   
stay away from screens.   
Stay away from anything   
that obscures the place it is in.   
There are no unsacred places;   
there are only sacred places   
and desecrated places.   


Accept what comes from silence.   
Make the best you can of it.   
Of the little words that come   
out of the silence, like prayers   
prayed back to the one who prays,   
make a poem that does not disturb   
the silence from which it came.

Source: Poetry (Poetry)
-Rita Basuray, visual response to today’s prompt!

6 thoughts on “Live Virtual Group Session: 12PM EDT July 29th 2022

  1. What comes from the silence~~~

    It surrounds me… the quiet.
    It magnifies within my mind… memories, people, voices flooding over the spaces.
    They are all a composite of who I am… what came before, what I hope to be.

    The silence is comforting,
    the world, which is in chaos, is momentarily forgotten about.
    Love, compassion, and trust fill up the spaces within me.

    I am capable of many things,
    trust in the wisdom conveyed in the silence and move forward.

    Looking up to the heavens, I give gratitude for these moments of silence and contemplation.

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  2. Elizabeth

    What comes from the silence…

    In the swirly whirly
    World of noise,
    Sometimes silence
    Is shocking.
    If we can enter it
    With openness
    And be with it,
    Reactivity can disappear
    And mindful action
    Or inaction
    Can be created.

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  3. bowerysphinx

    What comes from the silence
    “Silence Sounds”
    Turn off the water that gushes the residue of what may never be
    Turn on the laughter of what got away thankfully
    Turn off the booming shadow of pain that belongs to someone else’s other day
    Turn on the newly found fascination with something far deeper and darker still than cocoa’d chocolate
    Turn off the fear of fear that fails to fall
    Turn on the yeoman yearning for discovery of time immemorial.


  4. Silence and disconnection from the outside world allow me to take in my surroundings both inner and outer. I cannot connect without disconnecting and allowing the silence to take over. Without silence I do not hear my thoughts. I do not notice the rustling of the leaves, the birds flying from place to place, my breath and its rhythm. When My thoughts are uninterrupted I am able to truly see myself for who I am without the inner critic chattering at me.


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