Narrative Medicine Book Club: Passing, Week 3

Derek: A quandry, a dilemma, a Catch-22 — Irene seems to be caught in a swirl where standing up for her race could lead to the downfall of Clare and their mysterious bond.

Carmen: And yet she does protect Clare – She demonstrates a fierce loyalty to a principle to protect or ‘side’ with one’s race and it forces her to choose a person (of her own race), of whom she clearly disapproves and struggles with her resentment over it. Clare cares nothing for the race, “she only belongs to it.” That’s got to hurt…or at least make her angry.

For Week 4 next week, May 2nd-9th, we’re reading Part 2 Chapters 3 and 4!

If you don’t already have your copy, books can be purchased from the publisher, direct from your local indie bookstore, or through or If you want to join in the book club discussion, you can respond here or on social media using #NMBookClub.

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