Narrative Medicine Book Club: April 25, 2020

More resonances in today’s pages: supplies run low, and speculators jump in to offer “vital necessities” at “huge prices.” The plague, though it kills with “efficient impartiality,” “heightened the feeling of injustice in the hearts of men”: the poor and the rich do not fare equally. The plague settles “comfortably into its peak” but experts warn that “the history of epidemics showed that they could flare up again unexpectedly.” And we visit a stadium, once the home of soccer matches, that has now been taken over, as many public spaces in Oran have, as an isolation facility. The population there is eerily quiet. “Since they could not always be thinking about death, they thought about nothing.” 

 FOR MONDAY: Next 7 pages, to the end of the paragraph that begins “‘In any case, my business was not argument,'” in section 6 of Part IV.

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