Narrative Medicine Book Club: April 10, 2020

The narrator does interesting work in today’s pages – we disappear into Tarrou’s notebooks, referencing a conversation with Dr. Rieux that we then see in scene a few pages later, again causing us to question who is telling the story. Again the need for “imagination” is raised; Tarrou says, in reference to the Prefecture asking for volunteers to help: “‘What they need is imagination. They never rise to the challenge of a disaster.'” Interesting that we have heard this call now from two different characters. I was moved, too, by the loving interaction between Rieux and his mother, who says, “I don’t mind waiting for you if I know that you will be coming. And when you aren’t here, I think of what you are doing.'” Such a simple statement, but so very touching in this moment. 

FOR TOMORROW: next 7 pages, to the end of the paragraph that begins “This is also why it was natural for Grand…”

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