Narrative Medicine Book Club: April 4, 2020

Rieux tells the Prefecture that what they are doing is not enough. In response, the Prefecture says he will ask for “instructions” from the State government, to which Rieux responds with the above. I am struck by the word “imagination” here – is this the correct translation, for those reading the French? – and wonder how Rieux means it. Today’s pages seemed to me to be all about fear – the theme comes up again and again. Rieux is afraid, and pushes it away; the sick are afraid; the townspeople are beginning to be afraid; and at the end of Part One, it seems the State government is afraid, issuing the edict to “close the town.” Somehow I feel that word “imagination” is going to continue to reverberate as we move forward, a need that is perhaps likely to be unmet…? 

FIRST ZOOM CALL TOMORROW AT 2pm EASTERN on the Narrative Medicine zoom: Join us! All are welcome. 

FOR SUNDAY (but not before the meeting!): Read to the end of the first section in Part II. 

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