Narrative Medicine Web Resources

In addition to virtual group sessions and the narrative medicine book club, we will also be offering resources for those who may need a moment of pause and space for reflection but are unable to take part in more structured offerings. We will be posting resources for individuals to read and learn about narrative medicine practices on their own time. As regularly as possible, we will be featuring resources in the humanities, such as short texts of poetry and prose, visual art, video and music, selected by our Narrative Medicine facilitators and alumni, with testimony on why these pieces resonate for them, and why they have been or might be useful in narrative medicine practice. These will include instructions for prompted writing in the shadow of these “texts” to help illustrate how our own self-reflection and perspective can be changed and transformed in wake of close reading. Check back here for new posts and material to read whenever you are able!

See the latest posts with resources here:

Text & Prompt: "Little Prayer" By Danez Smith

This poem comes from Narrative Medicine alumni, Joseph Eveld. When we read poetry in group sessions we have printed copies, and often read through the poem twice, aloud, with a volunteer reading. The first time we listen, and the second time we use our pens to circle, underline, or write what stands out to us. … Read More